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Somaliland: Two jailed UCID Candidates Released

Hargeisa (SD) – Two UCID candidates arrested a month ago for announcing they are running in the upcoming elections have been released.

Candidates Rage Ahmed Yusuf and Mohamud Ahmed Jama were released today without any details on their release.

Rage Ahmed Yusuf, a candidate for the opposition UCID party, is running for parliament in the upcoming elections, Mohamud Ahmed Jama is running for local council in the upcoming elections.

The two UCID candidates and leaders of their party have previously alleged that President Bihi is opposing their candidacy, calling the move anti democratic.

Candidates Rage Ahmed Yusuf and Mohamud Ahmed Jama both reaffirmed their supporters in running in the upcoming elections.

Leaders of the opposition UCID party escorted the released candidates from jail, they are yet to speak to the media.

Somaliland’s long awaited local council and parliamentary elections are set for March 31, 2021.

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