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Somaliland:Politicians Arrested for Criticizing Government’s COVID-19 Efforts

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s independent human rights center condemned the arrests of politicians Mohamed Abib and Abdi Duco, by the Somaliland government in Hargeisa.

Its not clear why the government has targeted these opposition politicians. But according to the Somaliland Human Rights, the politicians, much like the public criticized the government’s inadequate response to COVID-19.

“The Center for Human Rights is concerned that the government has imposed restrictions on freedom of expression during COVID-19 and is using the pandemic to target people who criticize the government.” Said the center in a statement.

The families of the arrested politicians have expressed their concern about their loved ones being in jail during a raging pandemic. They demanded their release immediately.

“ We call on the government to release the two men arrested, who recently posted their criticism on social media and allow the public the right to criticize the government’s failure to control COVID-19 “. said the center’s statement.

The Somaliland government didn’t acknowledge the arrest of the two opposition politicians yesterday in the country.

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