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Somaliland’s Voter Registration starts in Sanaag Region

Erigavo (SD) – The National Electoral Commission of the Republic of Somaliland has officially started voter registration in the Sanaag region for this year’s elections.

UCID party chairman Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe, Ministers of Sports, Justice and Deputy Minister of Transport and Road Development, Electoral Commission officials, members of national parties, Sanaag regional administration, Erigavo district, Badhan governor and other officials are all present in the region to ensure community participation.

Erigavo Mayor Ismail Haji Nur, Badhan Governor Mohamud Hamud Omar, Sanaag Governor Eng. Ahmed Osman Hassan, who appealed to the people of those regions to come out for the census and pointed out that it is of great value to those regions and the nation as a whole.

Also, members of the three national parties who spoke to the communities there said that they are united in this issue and it is a national issue that needs the community’s involvement.

Mohamud Dahir from the Somaliland National Electoral Commission who is in the region said voter registration formally started in Sanaag and Badhan, and that the election commission provided and allocated staff and supplies needed to do prober registration.

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