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Some Las Anod Traditional leaders not satisfied with deportations

Las Anod (SD) – Some Las Anod Traditional leaders, speaking to the media today, said they had not been consulted with about the deportation of South West residents, and are not satisfied with the way the deportation was handled.

They said the deportation order was issued by a visiting Somaliland ministers and military officials, sent by the Somaliland government to address insecurity in Las Anod.

“After the arrival of the Hargeisa delegation, it became clear that the people were being relocated. The people who were being relocated are people who have been living here for a long time, had kids here. If relocation was found to be necessary, it was handled wrong” said the elders.

The Las Anod Traditional elders suggested that since the victims had property in the city, their property should be protected and, Las Anod’s leaders and the public should work together to give these people their property.

“We are telling the public that Somaliland authorities did not consult with us on this matter, it was a matter of urgency and immediate action. We are appealing to the people of Sool region who are in charge of their property and belongings to secure their property, ”said one of the elders.

Somaliland government launched an operation to deport people from Somalia in Sool region, and so far over 700 people have been deported.

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