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Sool Governor and Abukar Awale held opposing press conferences

Lasanod (SD) – Governor of Sool Abdiqani Jidhe has today said Abukar Awale Qaad-diid had entered the town of Las Anod illegally.

The governor who held a press conference at his office today strongly criticized Qaad-diid, saying that he wanted to hold meetings in the city without his permission.

“I am the highest ranking official in the region. I had no information about his visit. He is involved in politics. He was recently praising Farmajo and Abdiweli of Puntland, we believe in different principles, “said Jidhe, adding that he did not request entry from the administration.

The governor’s statement came after the police deported Abukar Qaad-diid from Lasanod town today, the move is widely discussed on social media.

On the other hand, Abukar Awale, spoke about his arrest last night in Lasanod, where he was planning to launch an anti-Khat campaign.

At a press conference in Garowe, hours after he was deported from Lasanod, Abukar Awale said he had been mistreated in Lasanod and that his hotel room was raided in the middle of the night.

“I am deeply saddened that I have been harassed in Lasanod for raising awareness against Khat. Individuals using a government power have prevented me from educating the public about Khat,” Abukar Awale said.

Abukar Qaad-diid claimed that he had gone to Lasanod legally, blaming the Sool governor for the arrest and deportation.

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