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Southwest Administration planning to airlift home Deportees From Las Anod

Galkayo (SD) – A delegation led by the interior minister of South West State has today arrived in Galkayo the capital of Mudug region.

The Puntland Minister of Women’s Affairs, the Deputy Governor of Mudug Region and the Mayor of Galkayo welcomed the delegation in Galkayo.

The delegation was appointed by the South-West Administration to monitor the situation of the recently people deported from Las Anod.

The ministerial level delegation from the South West State of Somalia is also planning for the repatriation of the displaced families.

The committee is planning to relocate the deportees from Las Anod to Baidoa, the capital of South West State.

The South West Interior Minister and some South West traditional elders in Galkayo thanked the administrations of Mudug region in Puntland and Galmudug for the warm welcome extended to the deportees from Las Anod town in Sool region.

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