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SSC-Khaatumo responds to Somaliland allegations of terrorism presence in Las Anod

Las Anod September 12, 2023 (SD) – The SSC-Khaatumo leadership has dismissed that fighters belonging to the Al-Shabaab group have entered the city of Laascaanood in the Sool region, contradicting recent statements by the Somaliland government.

Somaliland has stated that they have confirmed the arrival of over 600 fighters, led by Fu’aad Maxamed Qalaf (Shongole), a senior Al-Shabaab commander, who entered the city of Laascaanood two days ago.

SSC-Khaatumo has characterized this issue as “propaganda and false claims coming from Hargeisa in recent days and baseless allegations against the SSC community.

Furthermore, the SSC-Khaatumo statement continues, “The Somaliland administration has consistently used such false allegations as a pretext to prevent international observers and the world community from presenting accurate information and responding to the situation, including its own responsibility.”

SSC-Khaatumo alleges that Somaliland is using this situation as a pretext to carry out operations in the region, and if they do, they state that they will respond with appropriate measures, emphasizing that they will not allow Somaliland to continue its aggression in their territory. “SSC-Khaatumo understands that Somaliland’s recent statement is intended to create chaos in our regions.”

The statement from SSC-Khaatumo concludes by asserting that they are fully committed to maintaining peace and the well-being of their people, and they are ready to cooperate with the security authorities in Somalia, the region, and international organizations to address the issue of terrorism.

Moreover, Somaliland has called on the international community, neighboring countries, and regional organizations to intervene in order to prevent the “terrorist and destabilizing activities” in Laascaanood.

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