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#SurvivingSophia: Who is the Somali girl accused of embezzling money from the world’s most famous people?

Toronto (SD) – In recent days, there has been a lot of talk on social media and in some international media about a Somali girl named Sophia Nur, who is said to have embezzled millions of dollars from family and famous friends.

The internet’s latest alleged scammer is a Canadian woman named Sophia Nur whose alleged lies and manipulations — first shared during a November 18 Twitter Space attended by influencers like Jeff Wittek, Rickey Thompson, Nikita Dragun, Denzel Dion — have sparked Twitter thread after thread, reported Vulture.

The Canadian woman, originally from Somalia, is accused of embezzling money from some family members and celebrities in Los Angeles, some of whom are Hollywood actors.

According to Vulture’s reporting, the most important piece of background evidence (if it’s true) seems to come from Twitter user @halimaldn — “Sophia Nur’s” “cousin” — who says she and her friends “have been waiting to tell this story for 2 and half years.”

Sofia told people she took the money from lies such as “her mother is dead and she wants money to bury her “.

According to international media reports, Sofia also took the money by telling people she suffered a gang rape.

According to Twitter, most of the money was allegedly borrowed “on loan”, and never repaid.

Sophia Nur seems to have deleted her Twitter account and her whereabouts are unknown, she has not yet responded to the fraud allegations.

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