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Taiwan Appoints an Ambassador to Somaliland

Taipei (SD) – Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed an ambassador to the Republic of Somaliland today according to that country’s state media.

Taiwan News Agency reported that ambassador Lou Chen-hwa, a former representative of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce and Culture to Saudi Arabia is appointed as the new Taiwanese ambassador to Somaliland.

Taiwan Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Joanne Ou confirmed the nomination, adding that four Taiwanese diplomats who visited the Somaliland in February of this year worked on the plan to open the embassy in Hargeisa.

The Somaliland Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement posted on its Twitter account said that they will welcome the Taiwanese ambassador to the Republic of Somaliland.

The President of the Republic of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi on Wednesday said he was happy with the relationship that started between the Somaliland and Taiwan, adding that the Somaliland ambassador to Taiwan would soon be appointed.

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