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Talo-wadag Director Criticises Somaliland’s Aids Commission

Hargeisa (SD) – Guled Osman Abdikarim (Curagte), an advocate for people living with HIV / AIDS, has leveled serious complaint against Somaliland’s Aids Control Agency.

 Guled posted on his Facebook page “when it comes to Protecting my culture, my country, my people, and my religion I will not compromise, even if I lose myself. Watch me go against the two directors of the AIDS Control Commission (SOLNAC). Try to use the law to your advantage, when I present my arguments to a person who is more powerful than you. “

The director did not give details of his complaints against officials working at Somaliland’s Aids Control Agency.  

The accused officials Somaliland officials did not to Guled Cugarte’s complaints.

Guled has been working on human rights issues for over 14 years, and is the director of a Talo-wadag organization that often cares for people living with HIV.

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