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The Council of Presidential Candidates rejects National Consultative Council’s new electoral process

Mogadishu (SD) – The Council of Presidential Candidates has today strongly opposed to the new process of electing members of parliament to the National Assembly.

A statement from the candidates said the procedure was inconsistent with the country’s constitution and the May 27 agreement, which stipulates that elections must be held in a fair, and free manner.

“The Council of Presidential Candidates strongly rejects the National Consultative Assembly’s decision on the election of members of the House of the People. In particular, issues related to traditional elders, civil society appointments, selection, verification, monitoring and registration of delegates have all been handed over to state leaders,” the statement said.

The Council of Presidential Candidates has demanded that 135 traditional elders serve as the basis for the selection of delegates to elect members of parliament.

“The council has for some time thwarted an attempts by the outgoing president, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, to loot the country’s elections. It is not acceptable that the National Consultative Assembly to come up with Farmajo’s rejected plans.” the statement said.

The statement from the Council of Presidential Candidates also stated that the procedure developed by the National Consultative Council has an electoral name, but is a direct nomination.

“The council warns of the dire consequences of rigged elections, including the international community and the Somali people losing confidence in our elections, and the system of government losing the legitimacy and recognition of the people, intellectuals and politicians who want good governance.” The Council said.

Candidates’ statement follows yesterday’s changes to the country’s electoral process by the National Consultative Assembly, which gave more electoral process powers to regional state leaders.

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