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The federal government of Somalia announced changes to the pilgrimage visa program

Mogadishu July 17,2019(SD)- The federal government of Somalia has announced changes to the pilgrimage visa process.

The Minister of Islamic Affairs of Somalia Sheikh Nur Mohamed Hassan told the media that a system of data storage of the Somali people was part of his ministry’s proposal.

The minister said that this year’s pilgrimage to Hajj will be a modern one, and will be different, the visa will be published in the Office of Religious Affairs and  is a victory for Somalia. ” The minister added: “The ministry also raised revenue for the government that was not available in past years, creating a system for securing information on the entire Somali population, including the regions or in the capital ”

“This year’s pilgrimage is different for the Somali people, as the ministry of interior of Somalia has entered into an official agreement with the Saudi government and we have succeeded in increasing the number of Somali Hajj goers. the number of people who used to go to Hajj used to be 9300 and this year  11500 will have the opportunity to go, and we have opened up the competition for the companies that take the Somali people and we have 58 corporations that will divide to 11 teams who will serve the Somali Hajj goers. “

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