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The first five seats in the Galmudug Parliamentary Election announced

Galgadud (SD) – Galmudug President Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qoor-Qoor speaking at a gala dinner held in Dhusamareb last night for Prime Minister Roble announced that the parliamentary elections will begin immediately.

Qoor-Qoor said the first five federal seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections will be held in Galmudug in the coming days.

President Qoor-Qoor noted that the first five seats in the House of Representatives are marked.

Galmudug State Electoral Implementation Committee has today announced the first 5 seats for the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

A statement from the Galmudug Electoral Commission stated that they are in the process of electing members of parliament, and the commission has announced the names of the first five seats to be elected.

The international community has put pressure on regional administrations and the federal government to expedite parliamentary elections, which have been delayed several times and created political uncertainty.

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