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The first round of Somalia-Kenya maritime litigation officially ended today

Hague (SD) – The Somalia-Kenya ICJ court hearings in the Hague has concluded for the second day, without any Kenyan representatives and Somalia’s lawyers continuing presenting their case.

Two lawyers representing Somalia today presented Somalia’s position on how to demarcate the maritime border between Somalia and Kenya.

The first lawyer said Somalia’s position was that the demarcation should be based on a straight line along the land border.

Somali lawyers say similar maritime demarcation process have been used in previous court rulings on the maritime disputes between countries such as Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Lawyers representing Somalia have accused Kenya of basing its case on non-international law.

The lawyers have called on Kenya to suspend and revoke the licenses granted to the companies. They said that Somalia wants good neighborliness, and does not seek any compensation from Kenya for its abuses.

Today’s hearings concluded the first round of the Somali Maritime case, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will decide when the second round begins and will inform the delegations.

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