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The Jubaland and DANAB forces destroy Al Shabab bases

(SD) – Jubaland state security and intelligence forces and the DANAB forces, especially the 5th unit of the 16th battalion of the National Armed Forces carried out joint operations in areas of the Lower Jubba region.

The Jubaland and DANAB forces carried out the operation in the village of Kamjaroon and other areas in the Lower Jubba region, where members of Al-Shabaab were suspected to be.

The Jubaland Security Command forces reportedly released arrested civilians by Al Shabaab in the village of Kamjaroon.

The NISA command added that during the operation, bases they said belonged to Al-Shabaab were destroyed in the village of Kamjaroon and the surrounding areas such as Kalil, Dhalajo, Rebaay and Yaqhalul.

The Jubaland administration forces and those of the Federal Government of Somalia have repeatedly carried out planned operations in recent months against Al-Shabaab in some areas of Lower Jubba.

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