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The UN responds to Somalia’s request regarding UNSOM

NY (SD)-The United Nations has addressed the decision of the Somali federal government to end the mandate of the UN’s office in Somalia (UNSOM).

A UN spokesperson told VOA Somali that they did not want to speculate on the decision of the Somali federal government and that they are part of a continuing process related to the downsizing of the office.

He also noted that over the past two years, the UNSOM office has undergone a strategic review, resulting in a decision “to initiate a phased approach to transition UNSOM out and transfer responsibilities to the UN Team in Somalia,” a decision supported by the Security Council.

The UN spokesperson said that discussions with the Somali federal government are ongoing, and they are always committed to supporting the government, “as and when required.”

He emphasized that the responsibility of the UNSOM office in Somalia is not only limited to its mandate but also to working with other UN agencies in Somalia, to support the UN’s work in Somalia.

The mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) expires in October 2024.

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