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Trial of the officer who killed George Floyd to start Tomorrow

Minneapolis (SD) – Minneapolis is preparing for the trial of Derek Chauvin, the accused of killer of George Floyd, unarmed black man.

The killing of George Floyd by a white police officer sparked Civil rights protests across the United States and around the World.

George Floyd was buying cigarettes at Cap Foods, the shopkeeper called the police alleging that Mr. Floyd paid with a fake $20 bill.

Cap Foods store owner Mick Abumayeleh told the media that George Floyd was a regular customer, a very respectful and welcoming man. But on the day of the tragic incident, the owner was away.

A young store clerk suspected George had bought a pack of cigarettes with a fake $20 and called 911, according to police records, the clerk told police he had asked Floyd to return the cigarettes, but he refused.

14 minutes later, Derek Chovin, the Policeman who killed Floyd, arrived.
A girl who witnessed the death began filming the incident when George Floyd fell to the ground with his hands tied.

The video showed George saying “I can’t breathe” and sometimes calling for his mom, saying “please, please, mom help me”.

Data from the prosecutor states that for almost 9 minutes (8 minutes and 46 seconds) the officer held his knee on Floyd’s neck.

Christopher Harris, a friend of Floyd’s, told the media that he was looking for a temporary job the day before.

“The killing was brutal,” Harris said. “For some time he has been begging the Police to save his life. When you trust a system that is not for you, the result is like this.”.

The current legal debate revolves around who will serve as a jury of possible the most famous case in history.

Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter and jury selection in his trial begins Monday.

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