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UAE Donates military vehicles to Puntland

Bossaso (SD) – The United Arab Emirates donated military trucks to Puntland state of Somalia, seen unloading at Bossaso port this week, credible sources confirm.

The vehicles, numbering about 30, are said to be the type known to Somalis as Abdi Bile and are used to mount heavy weaponry.

The administration of President Said Abdullahi Deni is strengthening the capacity of Puntland forces, amid Somalia’s current political turmoil.

Land disputes between Puntland and Somaliland have also intensified in recent weeks and could lead to skirmishes as Somaliland plans to hold elections in disputed eastern regions.

The UAE also has trade and political ties with Somaliland, recently opening a diplomatic office in Hargeisa, it is not clear if the military donations will affect the two countries relationship.

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are embroiled in a political tussle over Somalia and are each supporting the opposing Somalia’s central government and some state governments.

The Qataris are reportedly bank rolling Farmajo’s efforts to secure a two-year term extension, while some regional administrations and the opposition are backed by the Emiratis.

Somaliland has not yet commented on the UAE’s military assistance to Puntland.

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