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UCID: 9 Candidates are illegally detained in Borama

Borama (SD) – UCID Opposition Party accuses Somaliland Minister of Commerce Mohamud Hassan Sa’ad (Sergeant) of interfering in the selection of candidates for the Awdal region.

UCID Interior Secretary Mohamud Ali Saleban (Ramah) speaking at a party reception for candidates in Borama, accused the country’s minister of Trade of interfering in candidates.

“I am sending a message to Minister Sergeant and other Ministers from this region (Awdal), the National Charter of this country was founded and written here, you were not here then, but the clans used to pick their candidates” said Ramah.

On the other hand, Secretary Ramah called the arrest of nine people in Borama unfortunate, just because they are running in the upcoming elections.

“Nine people have been arrested in Borama because they running in the election. Isn’t that a violation of the constitution?

Secretary Ramah also said since the government does not have the support of the people, they are resorting to imprisonment and oppression, and called for the rights of citizens not to be violated.

The Somaliland government has not responded to the opposition’s repeated allegations of arresting opposition candidates.

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