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UK, Denmark and the Netherlands approve projects in Somaliland

Hargeisa (SD) – The United Kingdom, Denmark and the Netherlands have signed agreements with the Somaliland government on projects to improve people’s livelihoods.

According to a statement from the British ambassador to Somaliland and Somalia office yesterday, the new agreements will fund projects such as roads, agriculture, water and fishing, and will lead to economic growth, which will contribute to supporting stability and prosperity in Somaliland.

The phase 2 of the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF2) program consist of, reconstruction of the Burao-Berbera Road in Togdher and Sahil regions, agricultural management in Awdal and Marodijeh regions, to provide support for Hargeisa Water Agency and Hargeisa Water Supply, explained the statement.

On the other hand, the ambassadors of the three countries who signed the funding agreement said in a few words, British Ambassador to Somalia, and Ben Fender, said: ‘

“The UK is committed to supporting Somaliland lay the foundations for sustainable economic growth. We are announcing today a set of major infrastructure investments in four sectors across Somaliland. We will be upgrading the road from Burao to Berbera, supporting agricultural production in Awdal and Marodijeh, increasing by 20% the water in Hargeisa, and building a jetty in Maydh to enable exports from Sanag and Together. These projects will improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people by creating jobs and unlocking the region’s economic potential. At a time of huge challenges for Somaliland, including tackling COVID-19, this demonstrates the UK’s commitment to the people of Somaliland.”

Denmark’s ambassador to Somalia and Somaliland Mette Knudsen, says;

“Denmark warmly welcomes the approval of these four important SDF projects and the solidarity shown by the Government of Somaliland and SDF donors to identify priority needs, ensure regional and sectoral balance, and align SDF investments with the priorities of Somaliland’s NDPII. The investments are particularly timely in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and its economic effects that are only just beginning to emerge. We are confident that these investments will have catalytic effects to spur Somaliland’s economic development and to help support and sustain Somaliland’s economic recovery from this terrible pandemic”.

Also, the Netherlands’ ambassador to Somalia and Somaliland Frans Makken, who spoke;

“The Kingdom of Netherlands has enjoyed cordial and collaborative relations with the Somaliland Government over many years; and through the projects in the SDF2, the Netherlands is happy to be part of the contribution to strengthening the social contract between the government and its people. These projects will strengthen the positive social and economic growth trajectory of Somaliland”.

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