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UK donates $10 million to tackle impact of drought in Somalia

LONDON (SD) – Half a million of Somalis facing acute water shortages in Somalia will receive $10 million aid, UK government Monday.

UK Minister for Africa Vicky announced the new funding Monday which is part of close to 17 million pounds for emergency relief to three East African countries.

“The funding will provide vital assistance such as cash to buy urgent food supplies and water to help vulnerable families across Somalia that are desperately suffering from relentless drought. The support is part of the £17 million package of UK support to countries in East Africa affected by extreme drought and flooding,” Ford said.

The minister said UK’s commitment to supporting our partners in East Africa is unwavering and we know that early action now can prevent mass loss of life.

“The funding is expected to support almost 500,000 people in Somalia to access clean water and afford food supplies,” the minister said. “This kind of early preventative action is crucial, as was learned from the 2016/17 drought in Somalia when early action and funding led by the UK helped to narrowly avoid a famine.”

The drought severity in Somalia continues to worsen, with over 90% of the country experiencing drought conditions. 

There are close to 5 million Somalis who are hungry, and a further 3.5 million in need of urgent humanitarian assistance this year due to successive poor rains and failed harvests. 

A further 2.6 million people have fled their homes due to conflict.

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