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UN welcomes Dhusamareb meeting between Somalia’s federal government and regional member states

Mogadishu (SD) – The United Nations Office in Somalia welcomed the announced meeting of the Heads of the Federal Government of Somalia and the regional administrations on the county’s election dispute.

A statement from the United Nations Office in Somalia said the conference is important for all parties in Somalia and called on the Somali leadership to reach an agreement on the country’s election process.

“The UN in Somalia welcomes President Mohamed Farmaajo’s leadership convening a Federal Government-Federal Member State forum in Dhusamareeb, and urges Somali leaders to reach agreement in a spirit of compromise on the rapid implementation of the 17 September electoral model.” The UN said in tweet.

The meeting between the leaders of the Federal Government and the regional administrations was initially requested by the leaders of the Puntland and Jubbaland administrations, who are opposed to the Federal Government’s leadership in the electoral process.

The announcement of conference followed a meeting between the president of Somalia and representatives of the international community in Mogadishu today.

The announced Dhusamareb conference would be the fourth attempt of the leaders of the central government and regional administrations in reaching an agreement on the county’s election process.

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