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US Scientist tells Vice news that Asli Meydi Owner Barkhad Hassan raped her

VERMONT (SD) – Anjanette DeCarlo, a US based PhD scientist, in an interview with Vice news, alleged that the owner of Asli Maydi Frankincense company Mr. Barkhad Hassan raped her.

She told Vice news, that she first met Barkhad in 2018 during a research trip to Somaliland, and he offered to run a research project for his company, but eventually raped her in a room she was forced to enter.

Anjanette DeCarlo said she didn’t inform the Somaliland authorities of the alleged rape by Barkhad Hassan of Asli Meydi owner, adding he later apologized her.

The Asli Meydi owner, denied that he had raped the scientist, calling their encounter in 2018 consensual.

Vice News also reported on other complaints including security challenges and misappropriation of farmers’ property allegedly by the Asli Meydi owner Barkhad Hassan.

The report also showed that the US essential oil giant DoTERRA failed to verify its claims of being ethical and responsible corporation by building schools for the farmer’s communities.

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