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Violence against women and number of rape cases increased ” According to Somaliland’s Human rights Commission Report “

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland National Human Rights Commission has released its annual report on the general state of human rights abuses.

The Somaliland Human Rights Commission (SNHRC) held a meeting in Hargeisa to discuss issues including rape in various parts of Somaliland.

The number of rape cases reported last year was 142, mostly in Sool, Togdheer and Marodi Jeex regions.

Chairman of the Somaliland Human Rights Commission Mohamed Barud Ali, thanked the Somaliland human rights stakeholders for their good cooperation and highlighted the importance of the meeting for the Somaliland human rights community.

Somaliland’s Rape law, is currently before the House of Elders, it is deemed to be a water down version of the more effective previous law, which president Bihi vetoed.

The Commander of the Somaliland Correctional Services, Brigadier General Ahmed Awale Yusuf (Libah) who spoke at the meeting noted that the perpetrators are mostly in their twenties, and urged human rights groups to work together to reduce the number of crimes committed by youths.

Somaliland has seen a sharp rise in the number of rapes and killings of young girls and women in recent years.

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