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Wadani Accuse Muse Bihi’s Family of using private prisons

Hargeisa (SD) – Mohamed Sidiq Dhamme Secretary of Social Affairs of the Waddani opposition party accuses Muse Bihi and his family of violating the rules of the National Intelligence Agency.

“The National Intelligence Agency Act No. 59/2012 does not authorize members of the agency to open private prisons and detention centers, in areas other than those permitted by law No. 65/2014 it is illegal and a national offense. All victims are being held hostage and it is an unacceptable act of aggression.” Said the secretary.

The Wadani Secretary-General spoke about the impact this act could have on the community and the president’s family.

“Intimidation and humiliation of citizens create mistrust and distrust of the security services, and the government must urgently respond to repeated acts of house arrest by alleged members of the intelligence service.” Said the Wadani secretary.

The secretary Mohamed Sadiq Dhamme called on the Somaliland president to address the issue as soon as possible.

“The president should not just listen to the recurring scandal, he is the country’s constitutionally leader and his family is equal to other families who are being abused, the term of office is limited, but the dignity and trust of the people will remain, history tells us what happens to families of powerful leaders who abuse their citizens. ” said Mohamed Sidiq.

The Somaliland president’s son Ahmed Muse Bihi has been repeatedly accused of detaining civilians in places other than criminal investigation centers.

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