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Wadani party addresses Daallo Airlines lawsuit

Hargeisa (SD) – The Commercial secretary of the opposition party Wadani Hamse Khair has been summoned to the Marodijeh regional court today.

The Commercial secretary of the opposition party Wadani Hamse Kheyre confirmed that the lawsuit was filed by Daallo Airlines, and said that the lawsuit is political.

The secretary went to court today to comply with the order, accompanied by MP Barkhad Jama Batun, party spokesman, party secretary Mohamed Farah Abdi and secretary Mohamed Sadiq Dhamme and former MP Dhagjar.

“According to the lawsuit, sued by Daallo Airlines, and the lawsuit was about a recent press conference I held at the Wadani party headquarters on aviation issues and Fly Dubai, and the company filed a lawsuit. The case is against Wadani Party and not me.” Hamse Kheyre.

Interior Secretary of the opposition WADDANI party Mohamed Farah Abdi, who also addressed the issue, said it was not good for the current government to do this, urging them to recall the days when they were opposed to the government of President Dahir Rayale Kahin.

“we view the case is been politicized, we will reveal who is behind it in due time. We are telling the people of Somaliland that nothing will be hidden and that any wrongdoing will be exposed. If the government thinks it can bully and harass us, I say we will not stop.” internal affairs of Wadani party secretary Mohamed Farah Abdi told reporters.

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