A Corpse Never Turns Back To Live

Somaliland is gone and is never coming back again to be a country with its own identity, as it was used to be during the presidency Of Dahir Riyale, Abdirahman Ahmed Ali and Mohamed Ibrahim Egal ( Peace be upon them for Egal & Abdirahman)).

Although we were unrecognised, the country was working independently and having nothing to do with Al-shababland of Mogadishu. All different functions of government ministries were working smoothly without problems or difficulties, having good relations with world at large, but not any more after the black day of 13/11/2017.

We have legal and fair judicial system of` justices, such as courts which run independently from heads ( I mean from the presidents that I named on above) and works for its own way,The courts were same and equal to all Somaliland nationals regardless of their clans but not favour to few specials only, who are related to chair or having clan’s blood ethnicity.

Every body was happy to administration and equal to each other in all circumstances, E.g. in work finding, education, government responsibilities, contracts and so on ( no matter where ever he/she came from), people were love their country and dreaming that they will get their a recognition one day in future.

My Friends ( Somalilanders) all these hopes that I mentioned on top is lost after Kulmiye Party came to power. There is an English proverb saying ” A corpse never Turns Back To Live” The word ” Corpse” means the dead body of human being. It is true and real, if a person passed away or died, It would never come back to earth as a live person again, so this phenomenon is exactly applies to Somaliland because its dead like the corpse that I described at the top few lines of this paragraph.

Do you know why? Since this soldier ( The one who remained alive from the rest of real SNM heroes) made a coup and captured the power with hidden guns of rainbow shadows and illegally seizure the chair when he  bribed the so called “Election Commission” every thing gone wrong and get worse than ever, he bring ignorant colleagues to his useless administration’s tops ( Ministry’s Top jobs) I.e The engaged Mare Horse) In Somali ” Geenyo Shaximan” and other mafia money mongers of no qualifications but selected only in tribe wise. All in all, we lost our be loved country, when Kulmiye Party robbed our votes on 13/November/2017, They handed our rights of Air Civil Aviation to Al-shababland ( Did by the big notorious liar Mohamoud Hashi) who still wants to become the presidential candidate of that rubbish Kulmiye Party. My readers. forget Somaliland, it doesn’t exist at the moment and have no chance of rebirth again, Farmajo ( The Marehan man) administers us now, Ethiopian Airlines are continuously bringing the affected people to Hargeisa and spreading this dangerous COVID-!9.

This soldier’s administration thinks only for their own benefits and interests but nothing to do for your health, country and survival of this poor nationals. for that sake, we have to rid them off as soon as possible, if we make it delayed, they will sell us like animals or like slave trades of past centuries. It is up to you if you act now or not but still you have time to do something for your self and the nation as well.* N.B Somaliland Is A Country Buried By Its People!
By Abdi-Shotaly.

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