Awil Hared Is Released & Abdimalik Oldon Remain In Prison

Yesterday the military dictator at Regional Administration of Hargeisa, released 574 prisoners from his prisons, 98% of these prisons are selected in tribal basis, including those who allied with his rubbish administration called Rainbow in all walks of life.

The whole country is administered in that manner and run by jungle law of tribalism, which always cares special and specific clans only but not for all nationals. As the man in chair ( The man who remained alive from the rest of SNM heros) or In somali ” Raggii ma Adigaa Ka hadhay”said first before the releasing takes place, he will let them free to those having or did miner sins but not killers (for example murders or those raped females and so on) that is not happened as he told to Somaliland public and instead he freed all the murders of his sub-clan I.e Awil Hared, The man who slaughtered 7 people of Samaron Tribe at the road between Hargeisa and Borama ( Some where in the middle or near his home town of Gebiley), and left their corpses ( The dead bodies) beside that above mentioned road nakedly, after he cut their heads from the other part of their bodies, he freed that man intentionally, the answer is very simple whether you know it or not, because this man is his tribe, and that is why he released him from jail, he did what the soldier exactly wanted to do.

Now I want to tell you something ( Please keep this in mind), In the near Future ” Awil Hared” will be appointed one of the best positions in soldier’s administration, you will not realise now but you will do later, when it comes in front of you.

In the other hand, he left the innocent nationals in the prison, because they are not members of Soldier’s clans or Rainbow Alliance, for example, The great journalist Mr. Abdimalik Musa Oldon, who always helps the needy ones, poor people, disables or sick, was left alone in the prison without justice, it is a sadness, unforgettable mistake and unluckily he still remained in Soldier’s prison because of his tribe ” Garhajis” but nothing else or reason what so ever. He is not a murder like Awil Hared ( Soldier’s Cousin). 

Abdimalik did nothing wrong but he pinpointed the arrival of the well known Homosexual Man Mr Anderson Cooper and leaded straight to Abarso Boarding School, which is not supposed to be there. We are Muslims and our faith ( The Islamic Furqan Religion) is not allowed what Mr Anderson Cooper said to our students, because our islamic laws is against it. This Homosexual Anderson man taught our be loved daughters, at his speech during that time of staying at that School, he said to them daughters can marry each other and boys can marry boys as well. It is something prohibited and against our religion of Islam.

Now the question is, Who is supposed to be jailed and who is to be freed? What happened yesterday at Somaliland is completely contrary to our way of life, in Islamic history. its unacceptable and absolutely unforgivable to jail Abdimalik in that manner, if he published that report to our Somaliland inhabitants. Furthermore, If you are honest to your faith, culture and our heredity way of life, the answer of the top question is, if there is an equality and justice among the nationals, Awil Hared is Guilty, he was supposed to remain in prison for ever, because he slaughtered an innocent human being, who did nothing bad or wrong, just going on their way to home,  Abdimalik was to be freed since he was defending his faith ( Or Our Believe Of Islam), So and the conclusion. The people who meets at what they call presidential palace ” Xaafad-tooyadda”, Have no faith, non-Muslims, demolishing our believes of Islam and want to convert us to Christian or my be Jewish ( which ever they like), As they did before, when put down the Mosque and build a church at Hargeisa.

* N.B Mentally Sick People Never succeed For Their Own Of Ill-feeling! By Abdi-Shotaly

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