Corruption Riddled PFM Office IN SOMALILAND

Part One

Public Financial Management (PFM) is supposed to improve government
accountability and anti-corruption systems, however here in Somaliland the case is different and the PFM office itself is the center of corruption in
Somaliland’s Minister of finance.

  1. Procurement of Goods and Services are given to close family
    members or businesses that provide them kickbacks.
  2. Recruitment of consultants is done in a very crooked and
    fraudulent way. Consultants are asked to accept deductions in their daily
    payments as a condition of recruitment. To make this possible foreign
    consultants are preferred over local qualified consultants who have the
    necessary experience and qualifications, for the simple reason that those
    in charge of the PFM office are afraid that local consultants may expose
    their wrong doings.

*3. *The Progress of the various PFM pillars are stuck, since
counterpart offices are not in good terms with the PFM coordinator and his
foreign/ diaspora consultants, since those consultants are hard to
understand local language and institutional culture. This has evaporated the much anticipated PFM reforms benefits.

  1. In Part two I will present the various corruption methods employed
    by the current PFM coordinator Hassan Farah, his education and
    experience, and how they are not relevant for the post and his various business connections. In addition I will further present how the World Bank PFM budget and the corresponding PFM national budget support are misappropriated. And finally I will present how the various reform counterpart institutions are fed up with the current PFM coordinator, who was supposedly to establish rapport with those institutions.

Concerned Somalilander,
Ali Jama

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