Somaliland: An Unrecognised Nation That Has the Worse Prospect to Secure Statehood

The future of Somaliland looks so bleak for the first time since 1991.

Currently, the country is governed by people who are lacking the necessary skills to steer the nation towards a successful direction. Never before, in the history of this nation, was a government that most of its officials, including the President are so incompetent to run the country.

Today, most government Ministers don’t even know the core responsibility of their jobs. In return, this has huge implication of the ability of the government to deliver the obligatory services to its citizens. These could well be ensuring that the streets stays clean, storing clean water, giving health services or providing accurate information that is relating to the current coronavirus epidemic outbreak which the world is struggling to fight.

Sadly, this acute problem become obvious when the incumbent President Mr Bihi has appointed 4 Ministers to sure the current coronavirus outbreak doesn’t reach Somaliland’s shores. Nonetheless, none of the people, the president has appointed to deal with the outbreak doesn’t have any medical background in order to comprehend the magnitudes of the task they were given. So, without any plan of how they were going to deal with the people arriving the country. The four ministers have turned up at the airport. They met passengers at the door of the aircraft along with few other airport workers.

The passengers were advised by the Ministers that because of the coronavirus epidemic they will be in quarantine for fourteen days. However, some of the passengers had critical medical conditions that need for immediate attention including diabetes, high blood pressure. Moreover, some passengers were elderly and young children. The passengers were taken by buses without first ensuring the safety of the bus drivers, the airport workers and the passengers themselves.

It became apparent that no plan was made by the government officials where they were going to take the passengers to stay for the period they are in quarantine. After few minutes of confusion among the officials, the passengers were taken to a hotel in Hargeisa. Upon arriving at the hotel, the four Ministers went inside the hotel to speak to the owner to allow the people to stay in his hotel. The owner instantaneously rejected the Ministers proposal to accommodate the passengers to his hotel. The owner went and explained that he doesn’t want his hotel and his workforce to be exposed for potential coronavirus. The passengers were stranded for almost eight hours not knowing where they were going to stay. End, the passengers were let free and they entered Hargeisa without knowing whether any of them had the coronavirus that is killing so many people around the world.

Most recently, more hundreds of students have arrived back from Ethiopia. The students have been brought by buses to Hargeisa. No officials from the government knew the students were coming back to the country and no provision has been made in order to meet these students on arrival. No quarantine was offer for these students despite arriving from Ethiopian which is the country’s that is experiencing the current coronavirus outbreak.

The buses have dropped the students with their suitcases in the middle of Hargeisa. However, some students were heading to different regions within the country including Sanag, Sool and Togdher but the students did not have the means to travel back own their regions.

Sadly, the country is crying out for a good leadership that have the skills and know-how to run the country and if those capable people don’t come forward sooner rather than later, then the future of this young nation looks uncertain.

BY: Abdi Adan

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  1. Abdi, in addition to the dangerous conditions discussed in your article, authorities in Egal International airport allowed tribal elders to bail out 60 individuals who were quarantined for Corona virus. The travellers were released to the elders and went to their homes probably exposing more victims in Hargeisa and maybe as far away as Mogadishu. Can anyone imagine authorities endangering the health and safety of its citizens that way!
    Furthermore, the government is still allowing Ethioian Airlines to daily bring in more travelers from Europe, North America and even from Ethiopia to Hargeisa without any restriction.
    Hundreds of lories carrying Khat (narcotic Catha Edulis) are still pouring in from the long unmarked border entry points from Ethiopia such as Togwajaale and Kalabaydh.
    This is calamity and the Federal Somali government of Somalia must act fast to save the lives of our citizens in northern Somalia. Someone must take responsibility for the airspace and borders of this unfortunate country.

    • Mr. Derie, please stop parroting the mindless line of “Somaliland is for Somalilanders” sic.
      I hoped that you will positively contribute to the debate and bring bring value to the discussion. I am more Somalilander than you will ever be.

  2. Mr. Derie, please stop parroting the mindless line of “Somaliland is for Somalilanders” sic.
    I hoped that you will positively contribute to the debate and bring value to the discussion. I am more Somalilander than you will ever be.

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