23-year-old Somali Hijabi sworn in as St Louis Park City Council member

St Louis Park (SD) – Nadia Mohamed was sworn into office on Monday, becoming the youngest and the first Muslim, the first black and the first Somali to become a member of the city council in St. Louis Park.

Residents welcomed her November election in 2019, and her swearing-in ceremony was attended by many proud Somalis.

The 23-year-old’s Election will serve as an encouragement for young Somalis in America, to take part in the politics of the various councils in their region.

The new Councilor faced multiple challenges during her run, including racists who rejected the idea of a Hijabi and a person of color running for office, despite their hate, the over whelming majority of the electorate voted her in.

Nadia Mohamed a Hijabi woman will be involved in the decision-making process in St Lois Park with six other elected officials.

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