Somalia faces threat of losing control of its airspace again

Mogadishu (SD) – The International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, has issued a warning for a comprehensive law urgently needed to enable the Somali aviation authority to maintain its airspace.

ICAO said that if the government fails to comply with the law, it would lose its long fought achievement to take over the airspace in Somalia, and it would take a long time to get it back.

The aviation law is now before the upper house of parliament, and was recently passed by the Somali parliament.

The civil aviation law would save Somalia millions of dollars lost annually by the country in airspace use and will promote airspace independence for Somalia, according to the Somalia Civil Aviation Agency.

The Aviation Agency says that if the Law is implemented, Somalia will charge the airlines for using its airspace and will get more money to help rebuild Somalia.

Somalia is expected by the end of this month to forward its international aviation laws to the international community.

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  1. The civil aviation-ICAO- tend to be informed that Somalia, alone is not responsible of the air space, Given the talks between Somaliland and Somalia in 2016 in Turkey were agreed and signed jointly both the participants of the meeting , an accord that has had transferred the management and control of air space to Hargeisa of Somaliland. Rather than endorsing the agreement Somalia misled the international civil aviation. Hargeisa, located at the entrance of the airspace, and jointly agreed by both nations- Somaliland and Somalia in 2016 tend to considered a viable option to resolve the issue.

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