Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland Government led by President Muse Bihi, has successfully blocked a Djibouti ship that was on route to deliver Internet Cables to Somalia through Berbera.

The Djiboutian government has recently announced that they would provide Internet Cable through Berbera Sea and on to three other cities in the region.

Somaliland said it had not been contacted by the Djiboutian government for the Internet Cable passage through Berbera Sea, and had no permission from the government of Muse Bihi.

The Somaliland coast guard has intercepted and blocked the operation and claimed that they illegally interred Somaliland waters.

The Internet Fiber Optic Cable is a hot political issue, as Somaliland’s telecommunication sector is in a state of disarray over who is to provide the service.

Somcable has monopoly on the Fiber Optic contract through land by way of Djibouti, but Telesom has the rights of the cables from the sea.

This will test president Bihi’s resolve as he maneuvers through these competing interests on the service, whichever way his government lands on the issue, his leadership will be further bruised.

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