ISIS threatens Dahabshil

Mogadishu July 16, 2019-(SD)-The Somali militant group al-Shabab has sent a threatening message to the Dahabshil Company in South Central Somalia. Members of the Dahabshil Bank and Dahabshil Bank said they faced a critical situation after being informed of the threat of the attack on Dahabshiil.

The people who we spoke to told casimadaonline that an emergency meeting was held for all Dahabshiil employees and these events took place at each of Dahabshiil’s headquarters and they were informed that they were to be careful.

“We have been told that there is a fear of security after Daish threatened the management and employees of Dahabshiil,” said one person who spoke for Dahabshiil.

Daish wants Dahabshiil to pay millions of dollars for as they say serving Islamic people, according to their statement. Daish wants Dahabshiil to spend no less than $ 10 million, and the company says it is unable to pay the money.

The Islamic State shot and killed many members of the Hormud Telecom Company after they refused to pay the money Daish.

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