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Former Somali President:I’m with the disappointed traders and the Somaliland pastoralists

Mogadishu July 17, 2019(SD)-Former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who spoke on the issue of livestock, wrote in a Facebook post:

“I’m with the disappointed traders and the Somaliland pastoralists who are facing the blocked 20,000 livestock carrying ship in the Jeddah port. It is unfortunate that the government politicized development, and that trade and relief is directly related to the lives of ordinary citizens.

In particular the issue of the vessel, it directly affects the lives of nomadic populations who are suffering from the defestation of climate change.

I am urging the Government of Somalia to work towards improving all Somali people’s lives. Some people may have to swallow their egos again. The government and the people of Somaliland  I say, “WHAT IS WILL NOT ALWAYS BE” and you also have to be considerate . “

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