A Prominent Somalilander announces Presidential bid in Somalia

Mogadishu (SD) – A well-known Somaliland intellectual has announced a Political party in Mogadishu today. 

Prof Osman Abokar Dubbe a famous figure in both Somaliland and Somalia politics announced Hilow a political party in Mogadishu. 

He was one of the individuals who wrote the Kulmiye party’s political program in the election campaign, under the leadership of President Muse Bihi.

“We have just come out of the office of the Somali National Registration Committee and registered a new party whose ambitions, goals and leadership are new to the ears and ears of the Somali people.” said prof Dubbe.

Prof Osman is said to be running for President of the Federal Republic of Somalia in the 2020/21 elections. 

The Professor who hails from Burao, was a member of the current ruling party Kulmiye, making today’s announcement a mystery. 

Hilow, will be the first political party headed by a Somalilander in Somalia, and it could be a signal for a new political trend. 

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