From street Boy in Hargeisa to CEO, a success story

Hargeisa (SD) – Abdinasir Mohamud Nuh, a young man went to live in Hargeisa, the republic of Somaliland, as a young boy, and not knowing anyone at the time ended up being a street boy. 

He said he was 12 years old when he first came to the city and took refuge in the city walls, as he had no shelter from the sun during the day and the wind at night. 

Abdinasir, a rural resident, said he came to the city looking for civilization and saw it as something that would benefit him, but unfortunately it was not possible, as he did not have the resources to study and a family to support him. 

Abdinasir, during his difficult life as a homeless boy, didn’t give up on his dreams and was optimistic about anything he could do with his life, he said he had been doing small jobs during that time, such as working in hotels. 

Street children are known to use drugs, Abdinasir said he never sniffed glue but chewed Kat, a local drug and smoked cigarettes. 

Abdinasir is now a father of four children, and he and his family reside in Hargeisa, where he came a long way, living a complicated life, through various circumstances, now the owner of an Al-Kheyrat Taxi Company. 

He said the company, which he started with one car, now has 14 vehicles, his life has changed dramatically as a businessman in Hargeisa. 

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