A Somali politician responds to Anti Somaliland rhetoric

Garowe (SD) – Former Somali interior minister Abdi Farah Juha responded to calls from former Somalia officials who defended atrocities committed by the Siyad Barre’s regime in Somaliland.

The former Somalia officials also suggested that the Current Somali government should attack Somaliland instead of the proposed negotiations.

The Officials include former Somalia Prime ministers Mohamed Abdullahi Yusuf, Abdiweli Gas and Siyad Barre’s son in-law Abdirahman Gulwade.

“While Mohamed Abdi Yusuf (former Prime Minister), Mr. Gulwade and others like them are still talking and making excuses for the military government that let us here, there is no hope of Somali unity. Said Minister Juha.

Mr. Juha continued by saying “This group should know that the Revolution collapsed 30 years ago It is a shame that we are still listening to these guys.”

The anti Somaliland rhetoric kicked up a notch, since Somaliland president flat-out rejected Ethiopian MP’s suggested him and president Farmajo visit Hargeisa.

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