Abdirashid Janan “I was never sent to prison.”

Kismayo (SD) – The former Jubaland interior minister Abdirashid Janan, who hasn’t spoken with reporters since his escape from federal detention in Mogadishu, spoke with the BBC Somali service today.

“As a Somali officer has made it clear to the public, I was not put in jail, when I was arrested at the airport, during my five months in custody, I was transported to a different neighborhood and home until I was finally brought to a house in Shibis, where I was held for the last 7 days.” said Janan.

Abdirashid Janan on the other hand explained the reasons for his arrest.

“At first I was told the reason for my arrested was to hand over 1000 troops to the Federal Government, but I couldn’t do that, I understood that my arrest had everything to do with the recent elections in Kismayo, and they joked about President Ahmed Madobe will be joining me in prison” said Janan.

However, the Somali government had denied that Janan had been arrested for political reasons, and said he had been charged with crimes against humanity.

The government of Somalia has called on the Kenyan government, who has troops in Kismayo to arrest Abdirashid Janan, also Amnesty International requested Abdirashid Janan’s arrest.

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