Abducted Opposition leaders taken to secret court in Somaliland

Hargeisa(SD)-The recently government abducted Wadani Party officials have been secretly brought to Marodi-Jeh regional court today in Hargeisa.

The Wadani party’s secretary general Khadar Hussein Abdi and the spokesperson of the party Barkhad Batun, which have been in detention for seven days, appeared before the court in Marodi Jeh and set a four-day extension in holding them, while the government gathers more information on their arrest.

The officials arrived at the Hargeisa court at seven in the morning, and investigators have asked the judge to further hold the Wadani officials in jail, and subsequently were taken back to Mandera Jail.

The security of the court and its surroundings was tightened, and the two prisoners were accompanied by a large number of troops, according to eye witnesses.

Both opposition parties and social justice advocates have condemned the arrests and called it illegal.

Family members and lawyers were denied access to both Wadani leaders in captivity.

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