Somaliland opposition parties boycott parliament extensions

Hargeisa(SD)-The two Somaliland opposition parties, UCID and Wadani, said they would not accept the extension of the House of Representative’s mandate by the Senate, and noted that they would never agree to work with members of the electoral commission as long as they do not meet the electoral laws.

In an emergency meeting today, they issued an statement addressing the extension of parliament and the general situation of the country.

” The two opposition parties, UCID and WADDANI, have made it clear that the president has deliberately trampled on the constitution, and the rules that govern your country, and is acting as a dictator.” read the statement.

The parties accused the government of arresting Wadani party officials illegally, and subsequently turning the presidency into a dictatorship.

Opposition parties say they have not been consulted with any of the extensions, which is against the law.   

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