Abiy Ahmed and Farmajo to arrive Hargeisa next week

Hargeisa (SD) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Somali President Mohamed Farmajo are expected to visit Somaliland in the coming days, according to sources

Reports say that the president of Somaliland met with his cabinet tonight and informed them of the arrival of the two officials next week.

Reports suggest that President Bihi is reluctant to host the two leaders in Hargeisa, due to his coalition of supporters apposing the move.

The Somaliland president Muse Bihi is suspected to use parliamentary decree opposing the visit and possible rallies held in Hargeisa by his supporters.

On the other hand, President Farmajo is not ready to go to Hargeisa with and Abiy Ahmed just yet, it could be interpreted as a political suicide.

Farmajo would prefer that both sides resume the negotiations first, then see where things land, hence the deliberate non-apology apology for the atrocities in the North committed by his predecessor.

The Somali president is expected to go to Addis Ababa soon, it is unclear what he will do there.

The Somali and Somaliland governments are yet to speak directly about the efforts of the Ethiopian regime.

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