Adan Barre Duale “I have no nationality other than Kenya.”

Nairobi(SD)-Kenyan Parliamentary Majority Leader Aden Barre Duale has denied holding Somali citizenship, saying he is a happy Kenyan.

Aden Barre’s statement comes after the Ethics,  Anti-Corruption Commission of Kenya said it was investigating lawmakers for dual citizenship and the consequences will be to lose their jobs if they were found to have foreign citizenship.

Aden Barre Duale has denied being a citizen of another country, after he and other members of parliament have dual citizenship, some of them Somali.

Aden Barre said he is been targeted by people he described as “Pretending to be working and but busy with others”.

EACC Chief Executive Officer Twalib Mbarak said the commission would take action, such as dismissals, if found guilty.”Pretending to be working and but busy with others”.

Other lawmakers being investigated include Sophia Sheikh Aden, Adan Haji Ali, Mohamed Garane, Mohamed Dahiye and others, some of whom have told the media that they have no citizenship than Kenyan.

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