Somaliland Government Responds to Public Television Criticism

Hargeisa(SD)-The Somaliland government has responded to criticism posted on social media towards ministry of information, culture and education.

According to a statement posted on the Somaliland Ministry of Information website on Facebook, the Djiboutian ambassador’s response to Ucid’s chairman was not broadcasted on the national television.

The message was signed by the head of Somaliland’s national television, Abib Iman Hassan.

“If you have a spotted the national TV ‘s logo it does not mean that it has broadcasted what is being discussed there, there is no news and program we aired about the event social media has been broadcasting, and we do not broadcast such items.” said Abib Iman

Djibouti has been soliciting it’s allies in Somaliland to respond to Chairman Faisal Ali Warabe, to no avail.


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