Ahmed Madobe re-elected Jubaland’s president for the third time

Kismayo(SD)-Ahmed Mohamed Islam [Ahmed Madobe] becomes the third president of the Jubbaland regional government for the next four years after winning today’s lection in Kismayo.

Ahmed Madobe received the required number of votes in the first round of polls (56 votes), the next candidate, Anab Mohamed Dahir (17 votes), and the third candidate, Mohamud Mohamed Omar, received 1 vote, with all the 74 members of parliament voting.

After the election, President Ahmed Madobe was sworn into office over the next four years.

The participants of the electoral votes started clapping and welcomed the outcome of the campaign during the vote-counting, after they realized Madobe reaching the required number to come president.

Before the election in Kismayo today, many people were predicting that Ahmed Madobe would be re-elected for the third time in the Jubbaland regional presidency.

The international community and the federal government have strongly opposed the election and the governing process, saying they would not recognize any outcome.

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