Ahmed Madobe: The federal government’s conduct is no different than that of al-Shabab

Kismayo (SD) – The president of the Jubaland regional administration Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe) addressing the opening of the second session of the parliament has attacked the federal government of Somalia.

Ahmed Madobe said the authorities have disregarded the legal process that established the Somali government.

He also pointed out that the federal government’s conduct is no different than that of al-Shabaab, accusing its opponents of being non-Somalis, as he put it.

“The government and al-Shabaab are the same, because they kill those who oppose their ideology, where if you oppose the Somali federal government, they will attack you.” Said Ahmed Madobe said.

Ahmed Madobe also called on the governments of Turkey, Qatar and Ethiopia to stop supporting the Somali government.

The statement comes as the current conflict between government forces and Jubaland forces is raging in parts of Gedo region.

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