Al-Shabaab claims to have seized territory in Somaliland for the first time

Yube(SD)-Al-Shabaab has for the first time taken control of a region in Somaliland, especially in the Sanaag, which their forces has recently been seen.

The report, which was posted on their website, titled “Al-Shabaab occupies the first strategic area in Somaliland” also features a photo of their fighters entering the town.

Al-Shabaab operations spokesman Abdiaziz Mus’ab said that they have taken full control of the Ga’an Marodi area in Sanag region.

Regional security officials recently told the media that it was the first time al-Shabaab militants had been seen crossing the Golis Mountains in the Bari region.

There have been no response from Somaliland Authorities on the news that al-Shabaab has taken control of a town in Somaliland.

This is yet another very concerning lack of leadership from Kulmiye, the interior mister is seen obsessed with the official opposition party’s right to call on it’s supporters, and in the meantime Al Shabab is seen in Sanag for the first time.

Mr. Bihi and his cronies, if not checked, will quickly undermine Somaliland’s international reputation in the world arena.

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