Djibouti: The purchase of a helicopter sows discord between the director of the national police and the head of the Djiboutian Air Force corps.

Djibouti(SD)-The director of the Djiboutian National Police, Colonel Abdillahi Abdi Farah, bought a two-seater helicopter seated from a French company. This helicopter will be equipped with normal cameras and also infrared cameras. It will also be equipped with a small-caliber machine gun.

The cameras will be purchased with the helicopter, but when in Djibouti it will be equipped with Huawei high-tech equipment (thermal detection cameras, infrared camera, normal camera with laser precision, wave jammers, etc.).

Even before arriving in Djibouti, the helicopter became a source of tension between the general director of the Djibouti national police and the Djiboutian air force corps commander.

Colonel Wahib Moussa Qalinleh, chief of the Djiboutian Air Force Corps, informed Colonel Abdillahi Abdi Farah, director general of the Djiboutian National Police, that the helicopter must be stationed at the base of the army of Djibouti. Air Djiboutian, have the authorization of the Air Force to fly over the territory and pilots must have a flight license issued by a recognized school.

Colonel Abbdillahi Abdi pretends to accept the recommendations of the Djibouti Air Force Corps Chief. He travels to Paris with two pilots of the Djibouti Air Force to calm Colonel Wahib Moussa, but Abdillahi Abdi also brings with him his son who is a police lieutenant and his driver who is a cousin of his son’s wife.

Without the approval of the French and without informing Colonel Wahib Moussa Qalinleh, Colonel Abdillahi Abdi orders the two pilots of the Djiboutian Air Force to help, during the two weeks of training that began on 18 / 11/2019, his son and his driver on the piloting of the helicopter. The two pilots of the Djibouti Air Force tell him clearly that his men can not fly without license.

Colonel Abdillahi Abdi answers them: “Please do not tire me with the formalities of the whites. You have in Djibouti, people without a driving license circulate in the city at the controls of cars 4 × 4, while my son and my driver have trained for months on the virtual games Miniheli and Aboard the Rafale.”

Obviously this helicopter is expected to arrive in Djibouti in one or two weeks and upon receipt Colonel Abdillahi Abdi Farah decided to build a hanger at the Nagad Police Academy.

But the question we are already asking is: what does Colonel Abdillahi Abdi want to film or spy with such a device equipped with Chinese high-tech cameras?

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