Al Shabab: Coronavirus is a punishment from Allah

Mogadishu (SD) – Fuad Mohamed Khalaf Shongole, a senior al-Shabaab leader, spoke about the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus, according to Casimada.com

Speaking at a mosque in southern Somalia, Fuad Shongole said that Coronavirus is a disease that Allah has sent to those who refuse the spread his religion to the world, as he put it.

Fuad, al-Shabaab’s main youth preacher of jihad said, “Muslims should be happy about the suffering of the disbelievers, especially the disease of the Coronavirus,”.

However, the disease has not discriminated between Muslims and non-Muslims and has killed hundreds of Muslims, including many Somalis.

Sheikh Fuad said that Muslims are happy, as he said, “the crisis that plagues the United States and its allies, such as Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.”

Islamic scholars worldwide have previously warned that this disease not considered to be limited to non-Muslims, describing the virus as an indiscriminate pandemic.

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