Awdal’s Sultan Abshir Released from Mandera Prison

Mandhera (SD) – Sultan Abshir Mohamed Duale is set free at 3pm today after he was released from Madhera prison where he had been detained for 27 days.

Sultan Abshir, whom Hadhwanaagnews contacted by phone, said he was happy to be released and got his freedom back, and thanked everyone involved in his release.

The sultan, who asked about the conduct of the Guardsmen in Mandera Prison, said “I am very grateful to the guards at Mandera, and I commend them for their good treatment, and the only thing I can say about them is that they are a well-behaved army, who treat me with respect, and treat other prisoners well.”

The government of Muse Bihi arrested Sultan Abshir Mohamed Duale, on December 15 after his statement on mining in Awdal region and was released without trial before the Sultan.

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